Ultimate Personal Training Guide

The ultimate strength training system

Who We Are

WE are the team of high profile athletes and scientific researchers with more than 30 years of training experience and now we are pleased to offer to you our finest product –
the ultimate strength training system.
In starting to utilize this system with us, you have started using a unique training system that will keep you in a state-of super strength and health, build your body, develop your muscles and give you amazing strength in less time and with less efforts than any other systems. Although even irregular exercises with light weights will benefit you and give you a some degree of strength and health, with our system you accomplish more and get it faster.
Our strength system is built according to skill level, among other factors. Every skill level has own:
  • Frequency of training
  • Schedule of rest days between workouts
  • Length of training (time spent during a single training)
  • Exercise order
  • Volume of training (exercises x sets x reps x weight)
  • Rest intervals (how long you rest between sets)



The more times you miss, the easier it is to make a habit of missing and the more likely you are to fail in receiving the maximum benefits from our system. Notice: We understand that you will miss some training days, in this case you will get instructions how to do make up trainings and how to do short training if you have a time limit.



What We Offer

Workout system with 5 different levels

(beginner, intermediate, advance, super, extreme. Extreme level has 3 sublevels: extreme, extreme champion and extreme ultimate)

Personalized workout plan

The best plan to help you reach your goals

Personalized workout calendar

All your workouts and other reminders on your calendar and in archive

Workout tracking

See your workout progress, stats exercises and more

Weekly review

Each week we'll review your workouts and make adjustments as needed

24/7 access to us via the app message system

Send us a message at any time

The next step

The next step in the online training process is app account creation. We will deliver all workouts and other content on your app.

The app works on iOS and Android phones as well as all desktop, laptop and tablet computers.

You will track your workout in the app in real-time. At any time you can use the app to send us a message.

Once you're set-up for the account

you'll take your 1- time starting assessment (body stats and lifting stats), which we'll use to track your progress over time. You'll be able to see this progress in the app via the charts and other tracking features.

After assessment

You will get strength level, matches yours personal skills.


Strength levels


$4.99 USD/week


$6.99 USD/week


$11.99 USD/week


$14.99 USD/week

Notice: you can not choose a strength level by yourself, but you will make your own schedule for training days which fits your lifestyle the best.
After some time when you get fitness improvements, increased your strength and muscles you will get higher strength level, etc.
Once you submit payment, (you'll receive a verification from PayPal.) Within 24 hours you will get your training content.

What to expect from the online strength training system

 With our system you can expect following results:

Strength improvements

Higher one-rep maximum

Increased cardiovascular fitness

Able to go further, longer

Increased muscular endurance

The ability to do more sets at high amount of reps and stamina (the ability to do more reps at near-maximum weight)


Loss of body fat

Remember: your body fat is your muscle resource and we will help you to convert body fat into muscles. Bigger muscles less body fat. No special diet required.

Increased lean body mass


Improved overall fitness


If you want to build an athletic body, strength for a sport, become a bodybuilder or just want to get strong for personal satisfaction, this system is for you.


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